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Talon Tuckable Gen 2

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The Talon Tuckable II is the next generation of Talon Tuckable IWB holsters.  Still crafted from American leather exclusively from Hermann Oak in St. Louis, and built right here in North Florida at the Talon Range, by shooters, for shooters.

Our instructor staff have vetted these and improved on our older designs by allowing the best of the kydex world, the adjustability of the clip for height or depth in the pants, with the plastic clip that is strong, non-marking and replaceable.

Our only complaint with our strongest steel clip that is standard on our Gen I product was that is can scratch seats and marr surfaces.  These won't.  These holsters are adjustable for angle and height.  You can even remove the clip for pocket carry.

One huge feature is that these are fully compatible with the UltiClip steel clips that make these even more versatile.  These are available on our site as well.  

Our holsters can be made to fit your needs if you make a special request through our website or by calling us directly.

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