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Talon Ruger LCP Wallet Holster

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The Talon Ruger LCP, LCP II and Kel-Tec P3AT Wallet Holster is completely American made from U.S. steer hide and designed by law enforcement instructors for concealed carry. This Wallet Holster is designed to prevent printing with the leather panel away from the body, hiding the pistol. These are designed to fit most rear pockets, but, also side cargo pocket pants and shorts. They work in jacket pockets as well to keep the pistol hidden and fairly stationary. These custom molded holsters fit the individual listed pistol only. Some break in may be needed, like any leather product. The holster should be worn with the panel away from the body, the slide towards the front of the body and the grip facing the rear. Made in the USA, Genuine Hermann Oak US Steer Leather. Backed by our NO BULL Guarantee. Your money back if not satisfied. Training videos are available on TalonHolsters.com. 

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