Beretta USA C62178 Optima-Choke HP 12 Gauge Full Extended .75" Steel Silver w/Colored Band

Product Code:C62178


Beretta Optima-Choke HP tubes stand up to the heat of competition. Manufactured from high strength steel and finished in a nickel-alloy coating, these chokes guarantee significant corrosion resistance and have the ability to withstand the rigors of steel shot. Optima-Choke HP tubes are fully interchangeable on all Beretta barrels that are threaded for Optima-Choke HP.

Type Extended
Gauge 12 Gauge
Choke Size Full
Configuration Optima-Choke HP
Finish Silver w/Colored Band
Constriction .695
Chokes Included 1
Recommended For 50+ yds
Material Steel
Approved Lead Only
Ported No

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