CVA AC1595AT Powerbelt Copper 50 Black Powder AeroTip 295 GR 15 Pack

Product Code:AC1595AT


With PowerBelt Bullets, you are shooting a muzzleloading bullet designed specifically for muzzleloading rifles, as opposed to a pistol bullet adapted to fit a muzzleloader. Unlike sabots, PowerBelt Bullets are full caliber sized, easy to load, and do not require cleaning after every shot. The PowerBelt base provides consistent gas pressures for almost identical bullet velocity every time, and protects the tail of the bullet from flame cutting. Copper-plated PowerBelts have a thin copper plating which greatly reduces lead fouling and bore friction for higher velocities while still allowing for optimal bullet expansion within the rifling grooves. AeroTip bullets maintain a higher ballistic coefficient at longer distances than hollow point bullets and have proven to be slightly more accurate. The AeroTip's aerodynamic design allows for less wind resistance once it leaves the barrel, allows for greater penetration on game before expansion occurs. AeroTip is recommended for shooting heavy game or any game at longer ranges. This 50 caliber bullet is 295 GR with an AeroTip.

Caliber 50 Black Powder
Bullet Type AeroTip
Bullet Weight 295 GR
Rounds Per Box 15
Bullet Coating
Game Type

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