Past 323225 The Rock Jr Rest

Product Code:323225


Many of the same features as The Rock, but in a sleeker and more economical package. For sighting-in, test firing, and informal competition, it's tough to beat a Rock Jr. Stable, 4 pound cast iron base. 5 pounds total weight. 3/4" diameter steel post provides secure and smooth elevation adjustments up to 7 1/4" height. Comes with interchangeable non slip rubber feet or metal spike feet. Filled Medium Varmint front bag included with rest.

Description Shooting Front Rest
Type of Bag Medium Varmint Front Bag
Prefilled-Empty Filled
Type of Feet Non-Slip Feet
Cradle Blocks
Material Cast Iron
Vertical Adjustment
Lockable Position
Weight 5 lbs
Adaptor Type Gun Rest-Misc.
Dimensions 7.25" H
Attachment Type
Yoke Type
No. of Legs 3
Includes Elevation Wheel, Screws, Cradle Plate, Center Post

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