Bog-Pod 735539 XSR Xtreme Shooting Rest Aluminum 15.5"L x 2"W

Product Code:735539


The Bog Pod XSR is a revolutionary rifle support made of lightweight aluminum and designed to work with the unique quick change head system of the BOG-POD tripod shooting sticks. It provides one of the steadiest rests you can get in the field. Using the attached quick change stem, the XSR installs in seconds on any model of BOG-POD tripod. The two adjustable Universal Shooting Rests (USR) will accommodate most rifles and shotguns, and the two velcro safety straps keep firearms firmly secured to the XSR. Perfect for long range shooting. and hunting from ground blinds because gun can stay in the "ready" position. The XSR is lightweight, portable, and swivels 360 degrees making it perfect for many hunting and shooting situations as well as ideal for hunters of all ages. NOTE- XSR will not rotate fully on BOG CLD-3S, TAC-3S, or HD-3S when in the prone position.

Description Shooting Rest
Type of Bag N/A
Prefilled-Empty None
Type of Feet None
Cradle Blocks
Material Aluminum
Vertical Adjustment
Lockable Position
Weight 18 oz
Adaptor Type Gun Rest-Misc.
Dimensions 15.5"L x 2"W
Attachment Type
Yoke Type
No. of Legs

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